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Question:  Where is the Grand Canyon located?

Answer:  The Grand Canyon is located entirely within the State of Arizona.  Some people believe that part of the Grand Canyon is in the state of Utah.  The geologic beginning of Grand Canyon (at Lees Ferry) is very close to the Arizona/Utah state line.  However, Lees Ferry is still 15 miles from the border, and the entire length of Grand Canyon is within Arionza.

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Question:  What should we expect for Grand Canyon Weather?

Answer:  The weather at the Grand Canyon depends on the season and the actual location in Grand Canyon.  On the South Rim the temperature can get as high as the mid 90's (34-36C) in the heat of the Summer.  In the late summer and early fall, travelers should be prepared for afternoon thunder showers.  In the Winter time, snow and ice should be expected on the rim.

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Question:  How deep is the Grand Canyon?

Answer:  On average the Grand Canyon is about a mile deep (5000 feet or 1500 meters).  Of course the exact depth is going to depend on where you measure it.  The South Rim is about 1000 feet (300m) lower than the North side.

Question:  What type of tours do you offer?

Answer:  Angel's Gate Tours offers four distinct types of tours in the Grand Canyon region:

  1. We offer daily Grand Canyon sightseeing tours.

  2. Three full day Grand Canyon hiking tours.

  3. Two Grand Canyon rafting trips.

  4. Four Native American Tours.

Question:  What tour, hike or river trip is best for me?

Answer:  Many of our customers choose both a sightseeing tour and a hiking tour.  Others choose a hiking tour and one of the river trips.  It's obviously an individual choice based on your own preferences.  Each choice allows you to explore much of the Grand Canyon backcountry while still enjoying the comforts of a hotel, restaurant and nightlife.  Angel's Gate Tours has partnered with local hotels and can provide you with discounted rates, and will help to plan a perfect Grand Canyon vacation.  If you book three or more tours during your stay then your entitled to a discount! Call our Reservation Agents today at 1-800-957-4557 for more details.

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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Question:     Where do we meet the tour?
Answer: We'll pick you up at your hotel (within City Limits)!  Local pick up and drop off are included for most tours in the towns of Sedona, Flagstaff (City Limits), Williams and Grand Canyon South Rim/Tusayan.  Our daily Grand Canyon Tour and Sedona Tour. In most cases we'll meet you in the lobby of your hotel.  All Grand Canyon tours have a detailed page specifying availability and available hotel pickup locations.  If you're having trouble then call us at 1-800-957-4557 and one of our friendly and helpful reservation agents will assist you.
Question:     Is this an all day tour?
Answer: Yes!  All of our tours are full day tours.  Obviously, your pick up and drop off times at your hotel will vary with the hotel location.  Our reservationists will give you an estimated pick up time when you make your reservation, and we will call you to confirm the pick up time the night before the tour.  Please be sure to give us a cell phone number that you will be traveling with when you make your reservation to assist us in contacting you while you are away from home.  (We will use your phone number only for this purpose, and will never sell it or use it to solicitations).
Question: What kind of vehicle do you use for the tour?  Are the groups sizes small?
Answer: Yes!  We travel in small groups of on average 10  but no more than 12 people.  We use large vans that have been retrofitted with captains chairs and armrests.  Most have large panoramic windows/  Our vehicles are arguably the most comfortable way to travel on the ground.  All our vehicles are specially designed as tour vehicles and have plenty of space and will never feel crowded.
Question:     Is everything included in the price of the tour?
Answer: Yes!  Your tours includes everything you might need:  hotel pick up, transportation, park entry fees and permits when necessary, lunch, ice cold sodas and water.  You should bring your wallet though, you may wish to purchase souvenirs or give your guide a gratuity at the end of the day.  The only thing we add to the price of the tour is applicable sales tax.
What should we bring?  What should we wear?
Answer: Bring a camera of course!  A hat and sunscreen is always a good idea at high altitude, and sturdy footwear is recommended.  You should dress appropriately for the season.  Summer highs can reach the high 90's at the South Rim.  Hiking tours and river trips may require a few more personal items.  Check the individual tour pages for details.  Thunderstorms are common during the late Summer and early Fall (a light rain jacket or umbrella is recommended). Winter time highs range from 30-40 degrees and sidewalks may be icy.
Question: What sets you apart from other tour companies?
Answer: So many things!  Our company is owned and operated by Grand Canyon river guides and backpacking guides.  Our tour guides are true canyon stewards, that not only know more about the canyon, they've been there!  You will ride in comfortable first class vehicles (no bench seats), and your comfort is guaranteed by strict group size restrictions.  You'll look through high power telescopes, enjoy a delicious picnic food, you'll be relaxed and able to enjoy your day... the list is endless!  We promise that we'll spoil you for all other tours you will ever go on!
Question: Is the Imax movie included in the Grand Canyon Tour?
Answer: It can be.  The Grand Canyon Imax is a good movie.  However, the most common comment we hear at the Grand Canyon is:  "You can't take pictures of this!" and "Pictures just don't do it justice!"  We would rather take you to the REAL hidden secrets of Grand Canyon that most people never discover.  We suggest that you purchase the Imax DVD from Amazon, and watch it before you travel.  However, if you absolutely have to see the movie at the theatre, simply ask your guide.  They will take you to the theatre and help you purchase discounted tickets.

Did we miss your question?  Please call us at 1-800-957-4557 our reservations agents would be happy to address your unique concerns.

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